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Piano, Voice, and Ukulele Private Lessons

Girl Playing Beginner Piano


Ages 3 and Up (Yes! I offer Teen-Adult Beginner Lessons!)


I focus on making piano as fun as possible from the beginning.  I teach sight reading from day one by using fun games, a variety of technology, improvisation, and teaching students how to compose their own music. I offer 45 or 60 minute lesson options. (30 Minute lesson times are reserved only for ages 3-7) I do recommend that Teens-Adult Beginners start with 60 Minute Lessons. 


See the Tuition Fees page for prices.


Ages 8 and Up

I focus on making voice as fun as possible from day one by using a variety of resources to teach technique, breathing, ear training, sight reading and performance skills. I cater all lessons to your singing goals. I offer 45 or 60 Minute Lesson options. 

I do recommend that students ages 5-8 take my Intro to Voice class first to assess if they are ready for private lessons.

See Tuition Fees Page for pricing.

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Ages 4 and Up

I offer a unique Ukulele learning experience which is geared for children with small hands.  I specialize in preschool ukulele lessons. Contact me for more info. 

Ukulele is a fun instrument to start with for all ages.  I strive to focus on the fun side of Ukulele and will cater your lessons around your goals.  My focus is on beginner to intermediate lessons learning chords, strumming, proper technique and Strings.  I offer 30 Minute Private or Partner Lessons and My First Uke Group Classes. 


See Tuition Fees page for prices.  



Ages 5-8 

Intro to Voice Class I Time: TBD

Intro to Voice Class II Time: TBD

This introductory singing class is for ages 5-8 who are new to singing!  This is a fun introduction to vocal music.  The classes are small (4 max) and include singing(of course), movement, and lots of fun! Each week we learn songs and explore music in a fun, inclusive, game based environment.  8 week, 45 Minute class, plus recital. All Materials Included.  


Ages 4-6  

Classes offered in Summer

My First Uke Class is the perfect introduction to the Ukulele for your young child. In  these classes we sing, move, strum and color.  I keep these classes small (4 student max). Watch this video for more information about what we do in My First Uke Class.  This is a 8 Week, 45 minute class. All Materials Included (student must have their own ukulele) 

Register today!  I can't wait to meet you!  Limited space available due to my small class sizes. 

I'm saving you a seat next to me!

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