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I proudly offer preschool piano lessons to children ages 3-5 using the Wunderkeys curriculum.  This program teaches your child not only how to play the piano, but builds finger dexterity, fine motor skills, school readiness skills, and gives them a fun, play based space to explore the piano.  Watch the video below for a taste of what Preschool lessons are like at Anna's Music Studio


PreSchool Piano

PreSchool Piano at Anna's Music Studio is a fun, engaging and exploratory experience for your child!  I am excited to offer a program for ages 3-5 that was created to not only give young children a foundation in piano skills, but also in math creating connection skills that grow children in the arts and school readiness skills.  We play, we sing, we count, we look for patterns, we play games and we listen.  Get in touch today!  I'm saving you a seat!

Mini Musicians Fall 2020.png


Group Class for Preschoolers ages 3-5

Mini Musicians is the perfect introduction to music for your young child. In  these classes we sing, move, learn and play to learn about music concepts and prepare students for a fantastic head start at the piano.  I keep these classes small (5 student max). Watch this video for more information about what we do in mini Musicians class.  This is a 12 Week, 45 minute class.  Cost:  $220

Your little one will be playing and having Fun from the word Go!

I can't wait to meet you and save you a seat right next to me!  Come play piano and learn about music with us!

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